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 World leader in the the cylinder head machining's area, thanks to its patented centering systems on air cushions, Serdi had to be the leader in the seat machining systems cutting by CNC interpolation.

Due to last  engines technological innovations, Serdi noticed a growing demand for machines capable of machining valve seats with materials getting always harder. This development will continue in the coming years and that's why Serdi offers new solutions adapted to this problematic.

To achieve this goal, Serdi cooperates with a world leader in precision tools production: Komet. This famous German company has recently developed induction technology devices and motors to generate and control movements of U axis. This patented system is called Komtronic.

It has been used up to now mainly on CNC machinig centers. Among the Komtronic's customers are in particular OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Serdi cooperates with Komet for the integration of Komtronic technology in the new machines designed for rebuilders or tuners. Thus was born the STroniK, which is based on the intrinsic knowledge of each partner. The STroniK is a machine of high accuracy designed by combining the cutting edge technology of the machine tool in terms of mechanics, CNC control, and power motors.

The reliability of STroniK is guaranteed by the fact that each component of the machine has been used and tried in other applications for several years.



The STroniK satisfies all these requirements. The induction motor does not create backlash with minimum temperature rise. The hollow spindle motor has an integrated cooling which can be activated if necessary. The STroniK allows maximum use of the machine without creating high temperatures.

The profile of the seat must be maintained, it is important that the interpolation of axes U and Z to be regular and constant. This interpolation requires control elements of these axes. The STroniK and Siemens CNC will achieve the desired result for any form of seat and pre chamber channels.
Finally, the weight of embedded system should be minimal. The technology of the transfer control signal and power induction developed by Komet has helped to minimize the weight and define an optimum location of motor control units and movement of the tool.
The Komtronic system, including the induction motor and linear motion, weighs only 7.2 kg. This weight is distributed equally above and below the sphere, which allows handiness and a self centering of high accuracy.


siemens sinumerik 828d


Z and U axes are digitally controlled by a standard CNC product range of Siemens 802D / 840D /828 D, in total agreement with the displacement motors of these two axes.

The 828D CNC can accept up to 8 axes and a spindle, for achieve the machining of the cylinder head in an automatic cycle.