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SERDI History

 For more than 40 years, SERDI’s goal has been to expand and improve the technology of its range of machines closely following the market developments.
Worldwide leader in the cylinder head valve job machining area thanks to its patented centering systems on air cushions, SERDI offers a wide range of standard machines covering almost every valve seat sizes from the smallest air-cooled engines to very large railroad and marine engines.
SERDI machines are in daily use at almost all OEM engine manufacturers and used by every major engine re-manufacturer, motor sports team, and high performance engine builders.
To face the growing demands for the machining of valve seats with material getting ever harder, as found in  gas engine application, or for the machining of large or small repetitive series of hard valve seats, Serdi has developed and launched a large range of single point machines allowing to machine any material and profile.
We have added a new machine to the STroniK line. The STroniK m is designed for the price conscious users. We installed the STroniK workhead on a smaller base and removed the X and Y functions. The operator now moves the workhead from guide to guide. The STroniK m still machines the seats through CNC axes interpolation between the cutting tool radius and the spindle axis.
Developed and patented in partnership with a worldwide Leader in expandable tools. Controlled by the last generations of digital Siemens CNC and drives it ensures reliability and continuity of the product.
SERDI provides an efficient After Sales Service anywhere in the world and guarantees its customers the supply of high quality tooling (bits, pilots…) with the shortest delivery times.
Thousands of SERDI machines have been produced in our facility in Annecy-France. Most are still in use all over the world giving the highest grade of quality and performance to their users.
Thanks to a continuous emphasis on the R&D and innovation, SERDI is proving its leadership in machine design and quality of manufacturing.
There is always a SERDI solution for all types of valve job machining, cylinder heads and workshop sizes.